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Home Blends tea

Home Blends tea

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HOME BLENDS are three tea blends for the Museum of the Home, designed to be drunk morning (Rise), afternoon (Revive) and night (Diffuse).

Blended by residents from the nearby Arden Estate, local hackney residents and artists YARA + DAVINA over twelve months, these teas contain ingredients from around the world to reflect the history of trade in local communities, and the British tradition of tea drinking. 

The names Rise, Revive and Diffuse subtly blend the rich history of grassroots social activism within Hackney with the way we use tea. Money raised from the sale of these teas will fund the serving of free tea, weekly, at the museum, creating regular moments of connection.

Tin and Bag both contain 100g of loose-leaf tea.

About the blends:

  • RISE is a kaleidoscope of flavours, from green tea, mint, elderberry, fennel and a kick of chilli. This invigorating tea will wake you up with its herbal blast.
  • REVIVE is a stimulating blend of rooibos, ginger and cinnamon, providing a re-calibration of body and mind in the afternoon.
  • DIFFUSE is a relaxing blend of chamomile with lavender, liquorice and elderberry, all tea ingredients that can help you drift off to a restful sleep at the end of a long day.