A Magical Night Journey

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A beautifully illustrated guidebook to unleash the enchanted explorer in you and help you embark on a voyage through the night to find the wonder and wisdom of nature and creativity.

Become the wonder-seeker you truly are as you explore the night. In this magical book, Amy T. Won, artist and guide, takes you on a personal creative night journey, exploring twilight fairy tales and celestial myths, constellations and the cycles of the moon, and personal recollections of the night, such as camping or evening festivities. Amy's dreamy watercolour paintings of the enchanting night are interspersed with practical activities for the reader and fill-in pages to encourage you to record your experience. Through this exploration, connecting to your senses and examining your memories, you can learn your fears and hopes and develop your creativity to find inspiration. Capture the feeling of wonderment and creative flow, explore to your heart’s delight and experience the magic-making. Allow the world around you to whisper in your ears what you wish most to create.

  • Hardback
  • Published March 2022
  • Pages: 112
  • ISBN: 9781782499251