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A copy of My Collection of Collctions by Nina Chakrobarti. The cover features an assortment of objects such as vases, buttons and paintings all drawn in  a colourful, illustrative style. Below the author's name is space a textbox to write the owner's name.

My Collection of Collections

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What would you like to collect? A collection could be a group of old pots in a museum, or oak leaves picked up on a woodland walk. Some collections are put together over a lifetime, while others last for a single afternoon. You might be a sucrologist, collecting packets of sugar, or perhaps you’d rather collect stamps, matchboxes or even memories.

Nina Chakrabarti, author of Hello Nature and My Wonderful World of Fashion, invites you to explore different kinds of collection in this new, beautifully illustrated book. As you go through the pages you can complete and personalise the collections with beautiful stickers, spaces to write or draw, and even a special envelope for you to start a collection of your very own.

  • Hardback
  • 80 pages
  • Published 2017
  • ISBN: 9781786270603